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Ten Phases of the Web Site Design and Development Process.

Spinner Tech Ltd. is a full service internet marketing firm, offering php my-sql driven web design and development, and premade ready-to-go web application Service Company. We deliver the best dynamic, advanced, rich web application development is exactly what you are looking for.

Building a website, like building a house, requires planning and thought in order for it to be successful website. There are few process will give you a guide to know more about our workfollow . I would be happy to help you at each step in the process.

Step-1: Preparation Phase

  • Gather client content
  • Register domain
  • Deploy client extranet

Step-2: Planning Phase

  • Write project plan
  • Create site blueprint
  • Establish project timeline

Step-3: Graphic Design Phase

  • Find stock images
  • Create site design mockup
  • Post mockup on extranet for client review
  • Revise mockup based on client’s input
  • Obtain final approval on design

Step-4: Build Phase

  • Review client content
  • Slice mockup into images
  • Create master HTML template page
  • Review client content
  • Create CSS stylesheet
  • Test and tweak page in supported browsers
  • Create additional pages from master HTML template and add client content to each
  • Build and test contact form

Step-5: Review Phase

  • Submit site for client review
  • Revise as needed
  • Obtain final client approval

Step-6: Pre-Production

  • Register domain
  • Create (physical) job fulder
  • Enter job into Production spreadsheet
  • Place fulder in queue to await production

Step-7: Preparation

  • Choose a template
  • Set-up local fulder and project files
  • Create hosting and FTP account
  • Submit intake form to copywriting department
  • Assign project to in-house or outside team member

Step-8: Production

  • Production
  • Obtain website copy from copywriting department
  • Create pages from template and add client content to each
  • Embed map, if appropriate, and customer video
  • Set up and test contact form
  • Add title tags, META description and keyword tags to each page
  • Point domain to host servers
  • Create Google Analytics account
  • Create and submit XML Sitemap

Step-9: Approval

  • Contact client for review
  • Submit revisions to designer
  • Contact client for final approval
  • File job fulder

Step-10: Delivery and SEO

  • Upload to your site
  • Delivery and enjoy.
  • Excise better search engine promotion.