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Affiliate Marketing Work ?

At the high level, this is how affiliate marketing works:

1. A visitor to your blog reads an article on your website.

2. The visitor then clicks on an affiliate link, which redirects the visitor to the merchant’s website.

On the merchant’s site, the visitor then performs the desired event.

The affiliate is credited for the event.

Affiliate Networks

A network affiliate program involves working with a third party to manage your relationship with the merchant. Generally, an affiliate network manages communication, affiliate links, tracking, reporting, and payment.

Affiliate networks typically have thousands of merchants to choose from. You join the affiliate network and then apply to each individual merchant program. Some automatically approve applicants, and others will manually review and approve new affiliates.

Once approved, you will have access to special affiliate links that are unique to you. These unique links can be placed anywhere you want to promote that merchant’s product. It could be on your blog, in an email, on your YouTube channel, etc.

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